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The Ultimate Brain Enhancer

Nootropics designed to increase cognitive focus, memory, concentration and energy levels for overall brain health & wellness.
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Helping your mind reach its full potential

CogNoo is a brain enhancing dietary supplement which uses the highest quality ingredients with the advantage of being manufactured and distributed from the UK. 

A carefully selected blend of stimulating, clinically researched nootropics means you can trust in the safety of CogNoo's ethically sourced & manufactured product.

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CogNoo is proven to increase mental performance for...

Business professionals conducting a meeting


If you feel like you need that extra edge at work to increase your productivity, not be distracted and perform at your best in the workplace; CogNoo can reduce stress levels and increase concentration for those busy and ambitious workers who are always on the go.

Students studying in a group


When you’re finding it hard to concentrate on your studies, CogNoo can provide you with the mental clarity to get your head straight and ensure you hit that coursework deadline. CogNoo helps you learn, remember and eliminate anxiety, ensuring you keep a clear mind, and study smarter.

Athlete doing an outdoor workout


Mental agility is as important as physical agility for any sports man or woman. The key to performing at your best in physical activity is having absolute focus on the task at hand. CogNoo gives you the mental boost you need to push for that one extra rep and keep focus in physically demanding situations.

Senior citizens on an outdoor nature walk

Seniors (55+)

Using CogNoo is like cleansing your brain, opening up elements that may have not been explored in years. Increase your memory and recall through regular consumption. CogNoo futureproofs your cognitive agility for overall long term brain health. 

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Don't just take our word for it

These guys tried CogNoo, and loved it!
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Marcus Attwood

“My memory has definitely increased, I’m recalling things so quickly and clearly that I’d normally struggle with”

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Martin Benton
Marketing Executive

“I had heard positive things and took the plunge, I feel so much more together mentally, it’s actually hard to explain!”

Client image for testimonial
Lorraine Mercer

“I’m taking it to preserve my brains function now I’m getting older, I’m already feeling an increase in energy too”

Client image for testimonial
Ishaan Chaudry

“I'm so much better now at revising for my exams, I’m glued to my textbooks and there is much less distraction”

Client image for testimonial
Charlotte Thorne

“I’m actually more motivated to go to the gym after prolonged supplementation, I don’t know how but I’m sure it’s the CogNoo”

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Richard Deacon
Managing Director

“It is really helping me to focus at work, everything has its logical place in my mind and I’m so much more organised”

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WIN 3 Months FREE

Monthly Instagram Competition

For your chance to win a FREE 3 month supply of CogNoo's brain enhancing Nootropics then follow these simple steps. Find full details in the terms and conditions.

1. Explain how CogNoo has unlocked your mind and helped you reach your professional, personal or sporting potential in the description section. *Image must include product.

2. Share the image on your Instagram account with the competition hashtag #CogNoob and tag a friend who could benefit from using CogNoo.

3. Wait for CogNoo to announce the result. If you are the lucky winner then we will contact you directly. Best of luck!

Be Our First Winner!

Every month we will be holding a competition to win a 3 month supply (3 tubs) of CogNoo. Winners from our entries will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and our website home page on the so get involved. Good luck, we can't wait to hear your #CogNoob stories!
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Saver (3 Bottles)

3 x 60 Capsule Bottles (90 Servings)

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Multi (2 Bottles)

2 x 60 Capsule Bottles (60 Servings)

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Single (1 Bottle)

60 Capsule Bottle (30 Servings)

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